Godhani Gems Pvt. Ltd. manufacturing Facility at Surat

The value of a product is judged not just by how its looks, but also how it was created. Hence, 100% of the rough diamonds purchased by Godhani Gems Pvt. Ltd. have been manufactured in-house at its state-of-the-art unit in Surat. The sophisticated production infrastructure comprises of most advanced machineries, experienced & deft workers and an eco-friendly ambience in tandem with all the international parameters.

                             Polishing Process

                               Rough Valuation

Consequently, over the years, Godhani Gems Pvt. Ltd. has mastered the art of manufacturing various categories of rough diamonds. The company has invested in adopting ultra modern scientific process flow to ensure stringent quality check at each level, reduce production cycle time, maintain consistency and, ultimately, provide its esteemed customers value for their money.

Some of Godhani Gems Pvt. Ltd. technological strengths are:

  • Constantly upgrading all process in planning, marking, laser sawing, brutting and polishing in the in-house unit to meet customers’ requirements
  • Special programme for V Shape Laser sawing
  • Higher Clarity diamonds process carried in GreenMark for laser sawing and Bentonville Machine for bruting and then given for rough upper-lower facet process.
  • Healium Polish or HD Sarin machine for excellently cut diamonds
  • Rough diamonds given to sarin technology for planning in Galaxy Planner machine on job work basis to ensure perfect results
  • Invest in own Galaxy Planner Machine, M-Box Machine, Laser Sawing Machine, Laser Bruting Machine, Sarin Planner Machine and Color Meter (Color Grading Machine).
  • In-house programming for stock maintenance from top to bottom (for eg. rough diamond to cleaving process to polishing diamonds done at the unit stone by stone)
  • All diamonds requiring polish process go through Russian brutting and are then given for final polish process.

Moreover, over every single department (alongwith their respective Heads and technical supervisors) work in a manner of seamless coordination to manufacture perfect final products reflecting unmatched quality standards. Regular training programmes, monthly meetings and educative conferences are held to maintain our immaculate quality yardsticks and keeping workers abreast of the new technologies that we keep bringing in.